Job: Administrative Manager Needed

Title Administrative Manager Needed
Job Information
  • Ensure clients’ needs are met daily, as well as building and maintaining relationships with client contacts. Works with local leadership to drive and maintain a relationship with local leadership in order to achieve growth and retention of the business.
  • Respond or delegate voicemails and emails to appropriate office admin
  • Conduct presentations communicating the specified client’s needs to prospective employees, as well as completing all necessary documents to fully hire such prospective employees.
  • Supplies upkeep between all designated Scoobeez hubs and locations. Supplies may include client specified uniforms, lanyards, phones, chargers, phone accessories as well as the standard office supplies.
  • Keep in contact with Social Media and Creative team to ensure consistency in Scoobeez overall global brand awareness. Provide input on the ever-changing Scoobeez company website and platforms to ensure that Scoobeez target market’s needs are met.
  • Communicate with external payroll/HR company to ensure that employees are comfortable with the payroll process. Office leader does not necessarily work directly with actual payroll calculation sheets but oversees that all payroll is completed in due time.
  • Communicate with external HR/payroll company to ensure that all employees and office staff are in line with company policies and procedures. Conducting standard employee evaluations and taking corrective actions to enhance performance between administrative operations and field operations.
  • Analyze supply and demand trends to ensure adequate driver availability. Communicating this with scheduling team to ensure that all locations schedules are released weekly, in due time, and is in conjunction with HR policies and procedures.
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