Hiring Employees Advice

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Finding good people can be a challenge for today’s companies, making it crucial to have a sound strategy for hiring employees. At Front Office Staffing, our goal is to serve as an expert on staffing issues and provide you with techniques that improve your hiring and retentionprocesses for full-time and temporary employment. A leading resource in the industry, we take pride in our depth of research and information that gives you insight not only into the administrative industry and market but also how to hire an employee who will be an absolute asset to your team – and how to keep those professionals satisfied and interested in staying with your company.

Temporary Employment Hiring Resources

We offer a number of materials to assist you in your efforts, including our Salary Center, industry-leading resources and guidance for how to hire an employee and retain highly skilled professionals.

  • Hiring Right – Resources from Front Office Staffing to assist you with hiring employees. This section includes information on everything from conducting effective interviews to checking references and extending an offer. In addition, we offer tips for assessing your needs, including whether you need to consider additional full-time or temporary employment opportunities.
    • 6 Attributes to Look for in a Great Receptionist
    • Secrets for Finding a Great Administrative Assistant
  • Employee Retention – It’s not enough to learn about the best methods for hiring employees. These resources from Front Office Staffing assist you with retention of highly skilled professionals.
  • Temporary to Full-Time – Here we provide you with information about this popular hiring strategy, how it is different than temporary employment and how to hire an employee on a temporary to full-time basis.
  • Workplace Research – This research on the administrative profession helps you with management decisions by providing an inside look at how to hire an employee who can take on more responsibilities beyond the traditional admin role, how to recognize employee productivity and how technology is affecting administrative professionals.
  • Salary Center – Our data on hiring and salary trends, as well as our Salary Calculator, grant insights about the administrative profession that will help you decide whether full-time or temporary employment is the right direction for your company.
  • Management Books – We suggest valuable books that give tips on how to hire an employee with qualities that match your company’s requirements, how to motivate your employees and how to navigate today’s complex hiring issues, including insight into the growth of temporary employment and why many companies are finding it so effective.