Common Misconceptions About Temporary Staffing

1. Applicants must pay a fee to register for work with a staffing agency.

It should never cost you money to register with a temporary or full-time staffing agency. Registering with Front Office is free for candidates seeking employment whether temporary, temp-to-hire or full-time. Front Office is there to support you in your search for employment.

2. Temporary employment agencies only place entry level clerical positions.

Temporary agencies and full-time staffing agencies such as Front Office cover many career fields and place a variety of professionals. Front Office specializes in staffing industries such as Banking & Credit Union, Call Centers, Finance & Accounting, Insurance Industry, IT & High Tech, Mortgage Industry, and Title & Escrow. Front Office staffs entry level to executive positions within these industries.

3. The only jobs available at temp agencies are low paying.

Front Office places a wide variety of positions, including 6 figure salaried career positions.

4. Staffing agencies don’t give benefits.

Front Office offers benefits packages to all of its associates. The benefits package includes health insurance, retirement savings programs, direct deposit and weekly pay.

5. Temporary assignments are short term, one or two days, rarely over a couple weeks.

While we do place candidates in short term assignments and temporary projects, most of positions are long term and many are temp-to-hire.

6. Temp agency positions will not lead to full time employment and that is ultimately what I am seeking.

A temporary staffing agency is a great place to find permanent employment. This trend is increasing as employers are conservative to hire. Working in a temporary position is placing you in prime position to interview for a full-time opportunity. Employers are much less tentative to making a commitment to a new employee when they have had the opportunity work with them.