Convention Roles/Positions

The main function of a Supervisor is to oversee the convention staff, acting as the planner’s right hand person. Their duties include checking staff in and out, assigning appropriate lunches/break times, and working with the client to determine the flow of the show to identify peak periods where staff is needed. This ensures full staffing of all areas during these crucial times.

During smaller shows, the Supervisor may be needed to work alongside the staff in an assigned position. The larger shows require the Supervisor to have the flexibility to move around the venue and monitor staff who might be working in areas further away.

The Supervisor is a necessary component to ensuring the smooth running of the show. They allow the client to concentrate on all other aspects of the show knowing that the staff is monitored.

The Information Booth
These individuals are responsible for disseminating information about the convention, venue layout and/or general information about the host city. Some clients provide staff with information about upcoming conventions, as these staff are typically the most knowledgeable about the venue, host city, and surrounding restaurants/attractions.

Host/Hostess Convention Staff
Staff may be assigned to an exhibit booth to answer questions concerning a particular product or assist the sales representative in demonstrating the product. In addition, staff may be needed to take tickets at a client reception or special event. The Host/Hostess is an extension of the vendor and works with them to increase the attendee’s product knowledge which may result in increased sales.

Lead Retrieval Staff
The Lead Retrieval position requires staff to checkout and sign in the lead retrieval machines that vendors use to capture names of potential clients for their services. Some clients require staff to have some prior knowledge of the equipment (i.e. refilling the paper and a basic understanding of how to fix the machine). The staff may walk the convention floor to pick up the machine from the exhibitors and return them to a designated area for the exhibitor’s convenience.

Show Office/Office Administration Staff
The Office Administrator acts as a liaison between the client and the show office. This is a highly visible position requiring someone who is customer service oriented, professional and computer literate. Typical duties may involve answering the phones, taking messages, checking refreshment set up, and any other duties as assigned by client.

Registration Services
A number of positions can comprise this area, while being one of the first points of contact for attendees. Working together, all ensure the registration process proceeds smoothly and swiftly so the attendee is on track to having a great experience at the event.

Typists are responsible for registering attendees on-site or accessing information in the registration system for those who have pre-registered in advance. The Self Registration Assistant aids attendees who are registering on-site at a self-service computer station.
Cashier and registration typist positions are sometimes combined. Cashiers are trained on-site since every client has their own specific procedures for handling this job. Cash or credit card payments are received by staff for attendees who are registering on-site, enrolling in specific seminars or attending exhibits.
Name Badge Pick-Up staff distributes badges and general information once the attendee has registered. Badges are color coded and must correspond with attendee position (i.e. exhibitor, spouse, etc.).
Credential Checking staff are utilized at some trade shows that are not open to the public. The staff checks various types of approved ID before the attendee can begin the registration process.
Line Monitors, Greeters and Directionals are required to stand in designated areas to ensure attendees are in the correct lines. The staff may need to make periodic announcements to remind/alert attendees where they should be standing to receive the proper assistance. The directional staff guide attendees from one area to another space where other events are taking place,(i.e. a keynote presentation).
Convention Material Assembly
Material assembly staff may stand for long periods of time stuffing various conference materials into bags that are handed out during registration. On large events, material assembly may be an ongoing process to replenish the supply of bags for new registrants.

Room Monitors
Room monitors may be asked to count the number of attendees, take tickets, distribute and/or collect surveys. Room Monitors may be trained on-site to scan badges to verify an attendee’s participation or ensure an attendee receives credit for taking a course. In addition, during Q & A sessions, staff may be needed to assist with running the microphone so questions can be heard by all in the room.

The Exhibitor Sales Assistant
The Exhibitor Sales Assistant supports current exhibitors in registering for exhibit space for the following year’s conference. This position will interact with all the current exhibitors to ensure space is sold in advance of the next show.