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Get In on the Action and the Fun. Make Some Extra Cash!
Front Office Staffing is a great place to work! In addition to consistent, nationwide job opportunities, FOS offers our talent valuable benefits that many experiential marketing and event staffing agencies do not.

Better Employment Opportunities

Front Office Staffing has been in business for 14 years, which means we work with bigger brands, more high-profile clients and have more repeat business.

We provide:

  • High-profile jobs
  • Long-term work
  • Repeat work opportunities (clients consistently ask for the same rock star staff!)
  • More job opportunities
  • FOS has also offered advancement from the field to our corporate office! Just in the past year we have hired two Talent field managers as full-time members of our corporate team!
  • Talent Perks

FOS is proud to offer our Talent employment perks, such as free direct deposit, just for being a part of the FOS family! Click here for a full list of Talent Perks!

W-2 Employment and Tax Benefits

In hiring our field staff as W-2 variable hour employees, FOS is actually paying a portion of the individual’s taxes for them. Click here to learn more!

To be eligible to take part in the fun, fast and furious world of event marketing, you must first create a talent profile. Signing up is easy! Register with FOS today!

Have questions? Be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions section, where chances are we will have the answer!