The Surprising Benefits of a Temp-to-Hire Staffing Strategy

Benefits of a Temp-to-Hire Staffing Strategy

csr (2)Temporary work in the administrative field is booming! Today’s temporary workers are highly skilled individuals who can fill in for absent team members or provide specialized expertise that’s not currently available in-house. And more professionals are recognizing the advantages of this career option, including the opportunity to work in diverse environments, build new skills and take advantage of the flexible nature of temporary work. Savvy employers are making the most of this growing temporary workforce by putting a temp-to-hire staffing strategy in place. Here are the five biggest benefits of a temp-to-hire arrangement:

1. The flexibility to assess your true needs

When you need more help around the office, but aren’t quite ready to hire permanent staff, bringing on a temp-to-hire employee will allow you the time and flexibility to figure out your long-term strategy. You can hire someone on a temp-to-hire basis to see if there’s enough ongoing work to justify adding headcount to your full-time roster. If the increased workload turns out to be short-lived or sporadic, and the employee is still a great fit, you can tap him or her for temporary projects as your workload ebbs and flows.

2. The ability to hire quickly

When you use temporary help, you can ramp up or down as busy seasons come and go and when clients throw big projects your way. If you find that the additional work starts to become consistent, you will have quick, direct access to skilled talent for full-time roles and may not need to search for outside candidates.

3. An opportunity to vet candidates on the job

Bringing on a temp-to-hire professional rather than hiring a full-time employee affords you a trial period to make sure the person is right for the job. Does he or she have the right type and level of experience? Does the person mesh well with the team? Does the candidate have the appropriate soft skills? You can get firsthand answers to these questions in a temp-to-hire situation rather than relying merely on a job interview to draw your conclusions. Also, seeing someone in action on the job can help you create a more accurate job description for the role.

4. A chance for the candidate to learn the corporate cultural

A temp-to-hire arrangement can help ensure that the candidate will be happy and engaged if you bring them on full time, which is mutually beneficial for both you and them. During the trial period, a temp-to-hire employee can determine whether he or she likes the work, the company culture, coworkers, your management style and their opportunity for growth should you extend a full-time offer. If the answer to these questions is yes, it’s more likely the employee will be invested in the role long term.

5. The ease of working with a staffing agency

Many firms choose to work with a staffing agency to find temporary and temp-to-hire employees. The staffing agency can evaluate candidates on your behalf to improve the odds that your temp-to-hire employee will be a good match. Plus, a recruiter will act as a go-between for you and the worker, facilitating an honest dialogue about what is and is not working in the arrangement. A recruiter will also help you sort out more stressful details, such as salary, up front, which is especially helpful if the role is new.