Transitioning Temp to Permanent

Temporary workers are no longer just that. Increasingly companies are using temp and tempors to find full time employees, relying on short term projects to weed out the good and the bad.job

That’s great news for job seekers looking to land a full time job. But it doesn’t mean every temp worker is going to transition into an employee.

From treating the assignment as an on the job interview to going above and beyond, here’s a look at ways career experts say you can parlay a temp job into a full time one.

Even if you are hired to simply answer phones and make copies, you have to treat the assignment as the equivalent of an interview and act accordingly. Don’t under estimate the watchful eye and the impact you are making while doing your job. The impression you are making while on the job speaks volumes to those around you.

For technical roles, it’s likely you were given the assignment because of you skills. While it’s important to showcase those needed skills during your temporary work, experts say you also want to demonstrate you possess the soft skills like being a great communicator, flexibility and a penchant for being a team player. If you are able to show your boss and co-workers that you listen and play nice with others it can compensate for any weaknesses in your technical skills.

job2Going above and beyond cannot be understated if you want the temp job to become full-time. Not only do you want to do your job to the best of your ability but you also want to volunteer for extra work and help co-workers in a pinch. Being a team player is very important; it behooves people to try to work with other departments as well as their own so that they come into contact with all the different department heads. You want to be recognized as a key contributor and somebody who believes in the company and its mission.