Types Of Temp Jobs Usually Available

One of the good things about temp jobs is that many of them are entry-level positions. As employees are promoted from within a company’s inner ranks, the bottom rungs of the ladder open up, leaving room for new employment possibilities. For most companies, filling these roles is a fairly difficult task, since entry-level positions open up so often and their rate of attrition is so high. Most often, employers bring on a temp agency to tackle this job.

repTemp agencies make life easier for a lot of people: at the corporate level, they ease the burdens on human resources departments and training managers. But the person they help most is the person seeking a new job. Rather than having to pore through newspaper ads or job-search websites, you can find one or two local temp agencies that serve as a clearinghouse for new jobs. Usually, you’ll find a broad selection of entry-level positions, which make it easy to earn some quick cash or open a door to a new career.

Here are three types of temp jobs that are nearly always available:

Simple clerical temp jobs, like data entry. Certain data, like customer lists, donor histories and transaction records, always need to be entered into company computer systems en masse. Until some enterprising engineer develops a robot that can do this, companies will always need new employees to do this. Data entry can be a bit tedious at times, but it’s often simple, unchallenging work for good money — not the kind of job whose stresses you’ll take home with you. There are plenty of other simple clerical temp jobs, too — like organizing office bookkeeping, alphabetizing files and more.

Other clerical temp jobs, like receptionist and office assistant. For the temp with a bit more experience in office work — or the ambitious temp willing to take on more autonomy at the workplace — there are more advanced clerical positions. Many of these will include dealing with the public on an advanced level. Some temps take jobs as receptionists or as assistants to office managers. In these jobs you’ll have to flex your communication skills as you interact with customers and co-workers. Other temps may become customer service representatives, taking customer complaints over the phone or over instant-messaging service, and sometimes offering simple technical support. These temp jobs can be more challenging, as you’ll often run into irate or unreasonable customers, but the pay is often better and the responsibilities greater.

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